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John’s Fresh Produce announces the launch of

In order to increase our internet and social media visibility, as well as providing our customers with a convenient way to find us, John’s Fresh Produce realized the need for an one-stop website that offers restaurants, bakeries, country clubs, hotels, banquets, fast food companies and bars in the Chicagoland area our services, products and information online.

To live up to expectations of our customers  interested people this one-stop-website has offered a complete range of information about the product offering, ordering and delivery service.

The main features of are:
• general information about our produce offering
• detailed product explanations and downloadable product list
• easy to use contact form and information to make an order
• expert testimonials
• company profile
• our own blog to showcase company news and updated product or delivery services

The combination of the user experience and the unseen range of information about our products and delivery service is really an USP of this new source. It will surely make the first choice for restaurants, bakeries, country clubs, hotels, banquets, fast food companies and bars to search and find their fresh produce (fruits and vegetables), milk, dairy, eggs, cheese, herbs, and butter.

Please explore and follow us on facebook or twitter for updates on our product availability and company information

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