Eating well and feeling well are part of my day to day mindset that I do not take lightly. Therefore, I make certain that everything I eat is fresh. I used to go to the local grocery stores, including some nationally recognized chains.  However, I still would find myself disappointed in the products that I would take home. It wasn’t until I found John’s Fresh Produce that I discovered how fresh produce can actually be! I used to hate apples as I thought they all tasted the same, terrible! Then John’s Fresh Produce opened my eyes to another world of produce. They hand-pick all of my produce for me and it is delivered on time, every time. It is the great customer service and quality of products that keeps me going back to them each time. I respect what they do so much that I have made them an alliance with my company, A Mind and Body Total Fitness, Inc., deivering fresh produce to all my clients as they require the best of the best when it comes to food and customer service. If you want to a great experience and produce that does not compare to what you will find in the grocery store, try John’s Fresh Produce and you will not be disappointed!

Alex Vasileski President/CEO, A Mind and Body Total Fitness, Inc.